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El Taco offers catering for between 6 and 30 people.  All orders will need to be submitted 24 hours in advance of the event.  Delivery is only available in the local vicinity of the restaurant (within 5 blocks) for an additional charge.   We can cater outside of our standard business hours upon request.  Utensils/plates/napkins/cups can be provided at an additional charge.   

Please place your order in 'Online Ordering', by emailing us at, or by calling us at 267-820-8226.

Catering options include the following:

  • Burritos: one burrito per person, already assembled.  Please refer to the online menu for burrito choices; the same choices are available for catering.  $8 per person.

  • Tacos:   taco ingredients will be provided so that tacos can be assembled at the event.  Includes 3 meat or veggie choices, 2 salsa choices, pico de gallo, lime slices, and corn and/or flour tortillas.  $9.50 per person.

  • Chips with salsa and guacamole: bag(s) of chips with a choice of 2 salsas, and guacamole.  $6 per person. Without guacamole is $3 per person. 

  • Empanadas:   empanadas with chimichurri salsa on the side.  $4 per person.    

For catering inquiries, please call 267-820-8226 // or email

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